Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Wedding Photography- Indoors at Clarica

We had a great opportunity to photograph Candice & Steve's wedding on New Year's Eve- and with questionable weather, we had a great alternative location spot. Being a winter wedding, we knew that we had to have an alternate plan for pictures, and that planning really paid off. Having a parent that works in Clarica on King Street, we were able to arrange to shoot indoors in the atrium. The lighting was tricky to say the least with a number of hot spotlights and a variety of lighting types- but we managed to pull off some great photos.

This indoor wedding portrait, really worked with the proper lighting, giving Candice and Steve's wedding pictures a really natural feel to them- looking nothing like the harshly lit indoor setting that it started from.


zerry ht said...

My wedding was made special and memorable with a beautiful photography by a talented photographer. The wedding was arranged at one of event venues. All my best friends and family was there Thanks to my photographer for his marvellous job.

Unknown said...

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