Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OHL Team Canada 2012

I had the opportunity this December to photograph the OHL Team Canada here in Guelph at the Sleeman Center. Afterwards I was able to get Zach & Matt of the Guelph Storm to autograph a print to give to Nathan and Mitchell, my nephews.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Wedding Photography- Indoors at Clarica

We had a great opportunity to photograph Candice & Steve's wedding on New Year's Eve- and with questionable weather, we had a great alternative location spot. Being a winter wedding, we knew that we had to have an alternate plan for pictures, and that planning really paid off. Having a parent that works in Clarica on King Street, we were able to arrange to shoot indoors in the atrium. The lighting was tricky to say the least with a number of hot spotlights and a variety of lighting types- but we managed to pull off some great photos.

This indoor wedding portrait, really worked with the proper lighting, giving Candice and Steve's wedding pictures a really natural feel to them- looking nothing like the harshly lit indoor setting that it started from.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guelph Portrait Photography- Artemis Business Owners Portrait

Guelph Business Photography- Portrait of Artemis owners Chris & Tim Kamarianakis.

I have photographed this companies products over the past year, but now it was time to get a portrait of the two brothers for their new website. They wanted to have a warm and friendly feel, rather than the typical suit and tie look. We photographed them in our Guelph studio, taking time to view the images as they came up- and make the appropriate changes. Here are just a couple of the portraits they liked.

Following the success of their organic olive oil line, they have now added rubs to their production. I look forward to photographing those products in the new year. For now, I hope that they find these business portraits to be useful in their website.

For more information please visit Portrait Photography by David Briggs Photography

Friday, December 3, 2010

Commercial Photography - Twisted Pitt Product Shoot in Studio

We photographed a more complete product line of Twisted Pitt Oils, along with a new line of rubs. The images needed to be clean for use with a variety of promotional materials and web use. White background was not an option due to reflections- so the products were photographed on a more neutral grey background in our studio.
Twisted Pitt Studio Shots
New line of Rubs - studio shots

These photographs were well received by the owner and will now be used for a variety of promotional material.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Photography Pitfalls - The 5 Common Mistakes Brides and Grooms Make

Mistake One: "I hired my photographer with his base package- we worry about discussing albums after the wedding". There is a huge variety of choices when it comes to albums and how to present your photographs. And to top that off, album prices vary greatly from one photographer to the next. A starter package can double once you add a coffee table book with some studios- so do your homework and at least get an idea of what costs you are looking at before you book.

Mistake Two: "I wanted a casual, less structured wedding day so I want to get photos that reflect a natural and relaxed look. Those are my favorite" It is true that i have taken some well received candid shots that really helped give the album a great look- but you cannot rely on pure photojournalism to get all of those images that you see posted on photographers portfolios! A really good and experienced photographer can naturally lead couples and their bridal party along and help guide them to great photo situations. Bringing out expressions is what really sets wedding photos apart from the mundane. You can get 'natural' looking shots without having the people stand around wondering where to put their hands for an hour or two.

Mistake Three: Timing of the day- plan out your day, have a timetable. You don't have to stick to it like clockwork, but letting your photographer know a schedule really helps keep him or her on track. I can't stand it when the couple out of the blue tells me "we are done here- we have to go now" Be fair to your photographer and let him pace the day so that he/she can get the images they need.

Mistake Four: We are not mind readers- no matter how long we have been doing this! Couples have to realize that we love to hear couples likes and dislikes before the wedding day. When you meet with your photographer before the wedding to sort details, go through some of the samples and discuss what you really like, and what images you could do without. To be brutally honest... lists suck! Nothing stifles the creativity and flow of the photo session than having to pull out a list of must have images! If you must have a list- make it a family list if your family is really large, and give it to a sister, cousin etc. Your photographer does not know these people from Adam- so no point in having them with the list.

Mistake Five: Enjoy your day! Seems simple right? I photograph at least a wedding or two each year where something goes wrong and the bride or groom let it affect them the entire day. "I can't believe that Uncle Steve brought his family with him without warning- now we have to fit him in at the reception". Then all of the images that I take of them throughout the day show a worried look on their faces. What a waste! Take a 5 minute time out, delegate the problem to someone you trust, and move on. When the day is over and you are looking at the photographs, you will have forgotten what went wrong that day (until you see the worried look on your face in the photographs!)

I just photographed a wedding for Adam and Caroline... and it rained all day! That was truly one of my best weddings that I photographed this year. They rolled with the day, the party never complained about the cold rain, and we go great photos!
If you are planning on getting married- please take at least some of this advice to heart, I have been doing this a long time. And if you need a photographer and you live in Southern Ontario, please give me a chance to prove my worthiness to capturing your wedding day. Please visit Wedding Photography Website by David Briggs Photography

All the best for your wedding... enjoy.
David A. Briggs.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guelph Portrait Photography - Childrens Christmas Portraits

We built this set in our studio for 'all weather' portraits of children. With real trees, artificial snow, and some props- I think that Nancy (Nancy G Photography) achieved the look that we were after. What do you think?

More information at: Christmas Portraits by Nancy G Photography

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Guelph Commercial Photography - 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional

Professional Photographers- who really needs them in this age of digital photography? Here are 5 reasons why it should be included in your advertising budget for your business.
  1. Consistency- there is nothing worse when visiting a website than having the photos, especially the business portraits, look like they were all taken on different planets! Having a consistent look for all of your photography really gives credibility to your advertising, whether on the web or in print. Why spend thousands on advertising and web creation only to put shoddy, poor quality photographs on it.

  2. Creativity- professional photographers don't just take the photos, they offer many ideas to get your business message across to your customer. As a professional, I have seen countless brochures, websites and print adds and really have an eye for what sells a company as one that a customer would really like to deal with.

  3. Lighting- have you noticed that different people can take photographs of the same person/object/room and have entirely different results? The key to good or even great photography is lighting. Having a good camera is just the start, the lighting systems that we use creates a much cleaner, clearer and dynamic image for your business.

  4. Studio Photography- having photography of your employees, building and process is just fine, but adding professional studio photography can really show off your products. This can also be a lot less expensive than you think, especially if you are dealing with a number of similar products that you want photographed like a catalog. Once the first shot is approved, we professionals can use our skill and equipment to produce those consistent and clear images- great for showing off in an online or printed catalog.

  5. Responsibility- why not delegate such an important task to a professional- one who really stakes their lively hood on delivering the best images possible to a business. As long as the professional photographer works in a responsible and creative way, the time and aggravation that you save from doing this yourself, or using an employee will be well worth the investment.

You may be thinking, this is all fine and dandy- but "I don't know any professional photographers and I am afraid that it will be a flop?" Contact a few professionals in your area, and not only get quotes from them, but spend 30 minutes and discuss your needs and look at their past work. In this competitive field of professional photography, they should offer this consultation at no charge, and come to your place of business to do it.
With 15 years of commercial photography, I have helped many companies, large and small, with their photography needs in all areas of their business. Contact me for a free- no obligation quote... or better yet, a sit down at your place of work to discuss your business plans. Go to Commercial Photography by David Briggs Photography